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Meet Taffy & Lilly


Meet Taffy, who is a huge 40kg heavyweight Labrador with an extraordinary appetite. He lives for food and everything that revolves around food. On the other hand there is our Lilly, a 5kg cotton who is an energy-packed lovely furry friend :)

What they have in common is that they used to have skin problems, tears, discolored hair, etc ....

We became aware that more and more people fed their dogs plant-based without any ingredients containing animal products (vegan), which supposedly had a very beneficial effect on the health and well-being of dogs, as plant-based food is not aggressive to the stomach and is supposed to improve vital signs and skin condition.

Because we only want the best for our dogs we decided to give it a try. After the first month we have already noticed improvements on Taffy’s skin and a significant reduction in allergic reactions, while Lilly took a bit longer, approx. 3 months. Regarding to that we must highlight the fact that Taffy isn’t picky at all like Lilly is.

Since then their condition of skin, hair, digestion, and blood sugar level have improved a lot. Many times people ask us what we do that they have such a nice hair (at least until they roll in the mud :D)

Give it a try, Taffy, Lilly and many other dogs say you won't regret it. If in rare case your dog wouldn’t like it, we also have a 14-day satisfaction guarantee, where in case of any dissatisfaction we return you the money.

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